12 Essential Pie Crust Tips and Tricks

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Delicious homemade pie that begs for seconds begins with exceptional pie crust, and to get there, you’ll need to know the hacks and baking tips that will lead you toward crust nirvana. You know what I’m referring to — crispy, buttery, flaky perfection.

Measure Out the Dry Ingredients


How to Keep the Butter Cold


Butter Versus Shortening


Wrap and Chill the Dough


Add Baking Powder to the Dough


Freeze If You're Not Using Within a Day


Add Vodka For the Easiest Crust to Roll Out


How to Transport the Dough to the Pie Plate Without It Breaking
Crimp the Rim


Use a Ribbon and a Pizza Cutter For Perfect Latticing


Par-Bake the Crust


How to Semi-Homemake Graham Cracker Crust.

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