15 Easy Ways to Make an Old Home Look Like New

This past weekend, my husband and I moved from the 94-year-old home we’ve been renting in the Berkeley Hills to a 58-year-old home around the corner. I have always had a soft spot for old homes — the architecture, the charm, the doorknobs! — but they definitely come with their quirks. Love ’em or hate ’em — if you’re living in an old house, you know there are some issues to contend with. Read on to find a list of 15 (relatively) quick fixes to make your old home feel new again.

Paint the Cabinets
Paint a Tile Backsplash
Give Your Pantry a Makeover
Paint a Brick Fireplace
Cover a Popcorn Ceiling With Wood Planks
Replace Ugly Doorknobs With Vintage Versions
Paint Kitchen and Bath Hardware
Paint the Floor
Paint a Wood Fireplace
Dress Up a Cinder Block Wall With Chalk Paint
Paint Your Trim
Container Garden in Place of Landscaping
Spray-Paint '80s Brass Light Fixtures
Tile Over Your Countertop
Paint Your Stone Patio Tiles With Pops of Color


Source: www.popsugar.com

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