5 Major Life Lessons From My Grandmother

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I always admired my grandmother. She was wonderful. She was the only person that I wanted to make her to be proud of me. My grandmother was my partner in crime. Her life experience made her to grow up in the most extraordinary woman. My muse, a person describing how is to be strong, a graceful angel. I was really fortunate to have her in my life and to learn from her. I trully inderstood her advises, 5 years ago when I became a mother.

Scroll down to receive the same advises for you:

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1. Your Children Come First

As a mother of 5, she was tireless and she always did everything for her children. We have to take care of our kids and it is our obligation to make sacrifices for them. Our children always come first, no matter what.

2. Be Selfless

We have to take care of each other. We are born alone, but we are not alone in this world. My grandma was a nurse and she always took care of people and she taught me to care for everyone and not to put myself first. Never put yourself first, think about the others too.

3.Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry

Facebook and all the social media are places where our private life should not be involved. I wonder what would my grandma say about Facebook. What goes behind closed doors, it stays there. SO, do not hare private family things on social media.

4. Get Mad

My nanny would always say that it is OK to get mad. Life is hard and unfair. If something goes wrong do not cry and do not be a wimpy baby, just get mad and straight things up.

5. The Importance of Cake

While I am writing this article, I enjoy in my chocolate coffee cake and thinking about her. My grandma always had coffee cake, she will served it after dinner, if someone dropped by and the time was when we both ate it together and chat.

I would give everything to have her again for a chat and a cake. Forget about calories, life is short and enjoy in cake.

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