Allen Iverson slams modern NBA for going soft

NBA teams resting healthy players has been a hot topic this week, with the Cleveland Cavaliers joining the trend by sitting LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love all in the same game.

Well, Allen Iverson would like you to know he thinks the whole thing is soft, and he never would’ve sat out unless he had a broken bone or worse.

“I could never, ever, ever sit out a game if something wasn’t broke or I just simply couldn’t play,” Iverson told the Philadelphia crowd at halftime of the nationally televised game against the Lakers.

The Philadelphia 76ers legend was in the house to be presented with his Hall of Fame jacket by Dr. J.

The Sixers should’ve asked him if anything was broken, and if not, to please suit up: The Lakers snapped an eight-game skid by beating Philadelphia 100-89.


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