Coconut oil and your child

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You wanna go with the trend, then one trendy thing is the – Coconul oil. And you have no idea what this oil can do. Coconut oil is being used for cooking, as a beauty must- have but also you can benefit from it as an antioxidant, antibacterial and it can be anti-inflammatory.

Here follow some uses of the coconut oil on you kid and it is all organic:



New moms know how difficult is to clean off the meconium. Just put a bit of coconut oil on a cotton pad and clean it right up.


After bathing time, when it is a time for a massage try using a coconut oil instead of other type of oil on a chemical base.



Do you find difficult to calm down your kids hair, just rub a bit of coconut oil on the hair and  wo a la all hair on its own place.

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Cradle Cap

Is it still difficult to get rid of that pesky, yellow scaliness of your children’s head. As the olive oil, the coconut oil can help you smoothen up things.

Diaper Rash

Save your baby from that nasty diaper rush and all the chemical stuff. Coconut oil will calm down the skin and nourish it. As with the diaper rush, coconut oil will help you with the baby acne too.


Once or twice, you will get into fight with the lice. Coconut oil along with the vinegar oil will help you get rid of them.

Bath Oil

When you are preparing the bath for your baby, just put a few drops of coconut oil in the hot tub and let it help your kid to moisturize the skin.


If you fight with the boring eczema, give a chance to the coconut oil to help you with the problem.

Mosquito Bites

In summer and during the summer vacation if you forget your mosquito repellent spray do not forget that the coconut oil will help you with the mosquito bites.

Nursing Nipples

This is a matter for those moms that have cracked nipples. Coconut oil will help you with the dry nipples.

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