David Cone, John Flaherty make their cases for Yankees manager


David Cone and John Flaherty said they’ve been in contact with Yankees general manager Brian Cashman about the vacant managerial position and would be interested in taking the job now that Joe Girardi isn’t being brought back.

“I wouldn’t turn down an interview,” Cone said Wednesday night. “It’s a difficult job. It’s a prestigious job and I know there’s a process in place to find the right guy.”

Cone added he’s talked to Cashman “a couple of times” since Girardi’s departure and the GM “didn’t say no, as of yet,” to the idea of getting a chance to interview.

“I’m always around the Yankees,” Cone said at Joe Torre’s Safe at Home Foundation dinner at Cipriani’s downtown. “I have a good relationship with Brian. … I let him know I’ll do anything I can to help.”

Flaherty, like Cone, works as a broadcaster for the YES Network and said he hasn’t heard back from the Yankees, but thought he would let Cashman know he wanted to be considered.

“The thought of getting back on the field has been there since I retired in ‘06,” said Flaherty, adding he doesn’t expect to be a candidate. “I just wanted [Cashman] to know I’m at a time in my life where I would be interested in it.”

Bench coach Rob Thomson was the first person to interview for the job Wednesday.

Flaherty added he was “shocked” by Girardi’s departure when the Yankees didn’t give him a new contract.

“It’s a tough seat to fill after what Joe did for 10 years,” Flaherty said, adding a coaching position would be “intriguing.”

Cone believes he has some solid credentials to be a manager, especially with the way the game is trending.

“I think you need a candidate nowadays that can blend old school and new school,” Cone said. “[Someone] that doesn’t lose the human side of it and understands relationships and communication with players, but also understands analytics, understands it’s also a team effort nowadays.”

Cone has long understood the importance of analytics and credited his agent with introducing them to him as a player in the 1990s.

“There’s a lot of good things in analytics that can help you become a better team,” Cone said. “It’s finding that balance that’s really the hard thing to do.”

Cone said his desire to become a manager increased with the added value of sabermetrics over the years.

“A little bit, because I think I understand both sides of it,” Cone said. “You can’t be leveraged one way or the other too much, otherwise you lose the clubhouse. You lose dealing with human beings. There’s more to it than numbers, obviously, but I understand the numbers. I’ve educated myself on them.”

As for Torre, he said he “managed at the right time for me.”

“I was able to use my experience playing and managing before I got to the Yankees,” Torre said. “Right now with the sabermetrics, with the shifts and different things the numbers telling them what to do, I don’t have a hint who the next manager is.”

And Jorge Posada, who has been critical of Girardi, said of his old teammate and manager being let go, “it’s tough. I thought he’d be there for a while. He’s done a hell of a job.”


Source: nypost.com

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