If You’re Doing This, You’re Making Your House Look Cluttered

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The other day I had some friends over, and while I was pouring drinks, one of them commented about how clean my house always looks. Now, considering that the last time my floor saw a mop, there was a different president in office, I know that “clean” isn’t really what she meant. Still, I’m happy that when people walk into my house, they think it looks put-together and maintained, even if there may or may not be a pile of clothes that need to be folded on the side of my bed. The reason for my home’s tidy aesthetic isn’t that I’ve hired a maid; it’s that I’ve avoided some painful decor choices that make homes look cluttered and consequently dirty. Keep reading to learn what they are.

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Center Art With the Wall, Not Furniture
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Don't Clutter Display Pieces — Organize Them
Don't Line Every Wall With Stuff . . . Allow For Openness

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