Marcin Gortat’s 1-year-old giraffe has almost outgrown the big man’s reach

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Happy birthday to “Gorti” the giraffe

Washington Wizards center Marcin Gortat is a big man with a soft spot for a giraffe named Gorti that he refers to as his “godson.”

It appears that the 7-feet tall Polish baller first introduced his mammalian friend in mid-June, writing “time to feed the godson”:


As giraffes do, Gorti grew fast. Based on Gortat’s length, it looks like Gorti has already reached a height of about 10 feet.

“My little man got full year today!!” Gortat wrote on Instagram. “Happy bday “gorti” son!! I’m sure that when i get back to Poland I wont be able to feed him like this anymore!”

Good news is, giraffes appear to enjoy cuddling so Marcin may have that going for him.


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