Mom’s Thoughts About Her Body After 4 Kids Compared to When She Was 25

When Briana Klink Maco was pregnant with her first baby at 25 years old, she worried what people would think of her body and if she’d be considered fat. Four kids later, this strong woman is proud of everything that her “fat” body has done.

“I was so young and naive, not able to comprehend the beauty that my body had just accomplished,” Briana shared on Instagram along with a powerful photo of her postpartum body — featuring her fresh C-section incision — as she breastfeeds her newborn. “Five pregnancies, one vaginal delivery, three C-sections later, I finally get it.”

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After becoming a mother, Briana not only sees the human body differently but also views herself in a new light. “I have curves in new places, bumps and lumps and scars,” she wrote. “Scars some would view as ‘ugly.’ I grew tiny little perfect people. I’m able to nourish and feed from my own body.”

When Briana asked her husband what he thought of her scar, his answer supported exactly how she felt. “‘If anything, I look at it and see all that you went through to give us our family,'” Briana recalled him saying. “Find a person that’s good and true, that sees you and only you.”

In addition to sharing how she and her loved ones view her body through her post, she encourages other moms to be the ones to support each other instead of feeding insecurities.

I feel like there’s so much controversy over natural births, C-sections, v-bacs, nursing, or formula fed. So much judgment. All that truly matters is that mom and baby are safe and healthy, that there is an abundance of love and we’re giving this life our best. Being a mother is hard enough, why divide ourselves? Why compare?

There are days I struggle to get out of bed, stay in sweats, yell at my toddlers all day, and order pizza for dinner. There are days I put make up on, get dressed, and feel like I can take on the world . . . until about noon and I realize, this sh*t is hard, when’s nap time? We’re all just taking it day by day. I’m just glad I’m finally able to find comfort in my own skin. To find appreciation and growth.

I hope if you’re going through all the new phases of motherhood, you’re able to find strength and give yourself grace. You’re able to see how beautiful you are. Bringing life in to this world; mothering is such a magical gift. Never underestimate the power of a woman.



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