Moms, You’re Never Too Old to Go Back to School

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I love my family. I adore my kids but still there is an empty part of me. I feel tired and unfulfilled. Feeling stuck for these 3 years with the chores and the every day routines. I am enough from laundry, same readings and making dinners. I feel I need more. Being stay at home mom is not enough.

I am an English teacher and I miss my job with the kids. I am also taking into consideration the freelance writing but still I can not do it from home. And then an idea occurred to me, is it too late for me to go back to school? Could I upgrade myself and earn more?!

My mid 30s and the first gray hair change my mind. But i really want to and overthinking at the same, am I being selfish? It’s luxury to get college degree and still I want to have two 🙂 so what, I will do it. That is my dream and what is more important my husband supports me. I advised with my friends too , just in case if I am being crazy or not 🙂 I will register.

It will bring freshness in our family and what is more important I will find a job that will fulfill me.

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I can not wait to go back to the books and doing homework. I am going back for myself and I am going to be better mom. School will rejuvenate me and will make me happier.

So if you are also in doubt to go to school or to change career, do not overthink it, just do it. Follow your dreams and passions. Your family will be happier too when they will see you that you are happy and fulfilled. At the same time you will set a good example to your kids. There is no limit for your goals.



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