MotoGP makes tyre strategies easier to follow for 2017

MotoGP will introduce a new automated system for identifying the tyre compounds riders are using in races during the 2017 season to enable fans to follow strategies better.

So far this information has only been available when issued just before the start of the race by tyre supplier Michelin or by observing the markings on each tyre.

But the Grand Prix Commission has announced that a new wireless system will be introduced to feed tyre compound information into the control ECU so it can be shared on the timing screens and television broadcasts automatically.

In a further tweak to tyre rules, riders who make it into Q2 from Q1 will now be allowed to swap one of their allocated rear tyres for an additional soft option for the pole shootout.

Previously those who made the cut via the initial session were left without fresh rubber to use once they had reached the top 12 group.


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