How to Naturally (and Easily) Clean Your Grill

How to Clean Your Grill

If you’re like me, you might love a great BBQ, but the clean-up? Not so much. That was until I found a natural and easy method that worked like a charm every single time. With no need for harsh chemicals or rigorous scrubbing, this simple trick not only makes cleaning a breeze, but it’s good for the environment, too. So now, when life gives me lemons, I use them to clean my grill. Here’s how:

Step One

Step One

Make sure you have two tablespoons of salt, one large lemon, a knife, a cutting board, and a towel or cloth. The best part about this cleaning tutorial? These items are often things you already have in your kitchen and around your home.

Step Two

Using your cutting board and knife, carefully cut your lemon in half, making sure to cut the lemon longways. The more lemon surface you have, the easier it will be to clean with.

Step Three

Cover both halves of the lemon in salt by pouring one tablespoon of salt onto each half.

Next, use the lemon as you would a sponge and rub it across the grill grate. The lemon’s acidity combined with the salt’s abrasiveness will work quickly as a natural cleanser to break down the grill’s grease and cut through residue.

Finally, fold a towel or cloth in half and wet with warm water. Wipe down the grill grate with the wet half of the towel and then dry it with the other half. And there you have it, a grill that’s ready for you to enjoy again at your next BBQ!


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