NFL: Gruesome injury worse than first expected for Seattle Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett

SEAHAWKS wide receiver Tyler Lockett broke two bones in his lower right leg and had immediate surgery, Seattle coach Pete Carroll said.

Carroll, speaking on a Monday radio appearance, said the 24-year-old broke both bones above his ankle while making a difficult catch in the second quarter of the Seahawks’ 34-31 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

“It was tibia, fibula. It was both. He had to have both those fixed up,” said Carroll in discussing the complexity of the frightening injury.

“They had to go right at it,” Carroll added.

“He had a great surgery, and they say in four-to-six weeks he’ll be up moving … and working and all that.

 “It’s a very secure job they did. They’ve got some issues with infections and stuff they have to fight right now, make sure that he comes through clean because there was a little break in the skin. But other than that, he’s got a chance to have a great recovery.”
Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks tends to wide receiver Tyler Lockett.

The loss of Lockett for the remainder of the season is a blow to the playoff-bound Seahawks’ title hopes.

After the defeat to the Cardinals, called “disappointing” by Carroll, the Seahawks will try to end the regular season on a high note when they visit San Francisco next Sunday.


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