Outrage as first photos of Michael Schumacher since horror ski crash are smuggled from his home and touted for $1.7 million

THE first pictures of stricken F1 legend Michael Schumacher have been smuggled out of his home by a money-grubbing photographer.

Until now, no snaps or video footage of the seven-time world champion have emerged since his tragic skiing accident in 2013, The Sun reports.

RTL reports the pictures, which were secretly taken, show Schumacher lying in bed at his home in Geneva, Switzerland.

The ghoulish photographs have reportedly been offered to a European media outlet for close to 1 million pounds (about AU$1.7m).

German prosecutors insist the pictures violate the former Ferrari ace’s “personal range of life” and have been investigating the incident.

The prosecutor’s office in Offenburg told RTL that “an unknown person” had taken “secret” snaps and were offering them for “high amounts of money”.

But despite Schumacher’s distraught wife Corinna demanding cops take action against the snapper — prosecutors have reportedly put the investigation on hold.

The media house which was offered the exclusive first glimpse of the raving icon has refused to reveal its source, reports the Express.

The unnamed news outlet has not reportedly seen any of the images of the legendary driver.

 After waking from a medically induced coma, the sporting icon reportedly receives $200,000-a-week care at a special medical facility at his Lake Geneva home.

But exact details about Schumacher’s condition have not been made public.

His manager Sabine Kehm responded to Motorsport Magazine’s request for a comment on the latest story.

She said: “Michael’s health is not a public issue, and therefore we will not comment on it.”

Michael Schumacher with current F1 champion Nico Rosberg in 2006.

On December 29, 2013, Schumacher smashed his head on a rock while skiing in the French Alps.

After suffering a traumatic brain injury he was placed into a medically induced coma and regained consciousness by June the following year

In September 2014 he was moved to the medial centre at his family home where he reportedly remains paralysed — although no official details of his current condition have been confirmed.

Earlier this year Schumacher’s team was forced to deny claims made in a German magazine that he was now able to walk with the aid of therapists.

Schumacher is the most successful driver in the history of Formula One winning five championships with Ferrari and two with Benneton.

Source: www.news.com.au