The Perfect Cocktail For Your Zodiac Sign

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Do you read your horoscope every day? Do you believe in the punctuality of the horoscope? Here you will find out one different horoscope and we hope it is the right for you.  The coctail horoscope will help you to surprise someone or just to make a surprising Zodiac paty . Enjoy!!!

Aries: Glühwein

Aries: Glühwein

“The perfect match for energy and active life are the Aries and the Glühwein. This drink, served warm, calls for a blend of red wine plus spices like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. A bit of orange adds a citrus twist, followed by brandy, which bolsters this fine libation.”

Taurus: The Regents Royale

“Regents Royale calls the thoughtful Taurus. The easy-to-make and even-easier-to-drink quaffer will appeal to Taurus’s relaxed personality, one that also enjoys the better things in life.”

Gemini: Beet Wine

“Split-personality Gemini — who can be a different person to different people — is like Beet Wine. The drink serves as a mocktail for those abstaining, but drop some grappa in there and you’re good to go.”

Virgo: Sangria

“Virgo will appreciate a good taste of Sangria. Even it is looks as a simple drink, it is complex to assemble but true choice for Virgoes”

Cancer: Caipirinha

“Though it’s made from common ingredients (Brazilian rum, lime, and sugar), the Caipirinha is still an oft-overlooked, relatively unknown libation, which makes it ever so fitting for mysterious Cancer, who is also gentle and nurturing. One sip of a Caipirinha and those familiar flavors make sense, with tons of bright lime for a bold drink.”

Leo: Old Fashioned

“One of the most classic of classic cocktails is the Old Fashioned, a pioneering preProhibition libation built from a mix of whiskey, bitters, and sugar. Proud and regal Leo, a lover of simplicity and a born leader, is this brown drink’s equal.”

Libra: Daiquiri

“Libras long for balance in their life, and the perfect harmony they can achieve from the valuable Daiquiri. The key to a great Daiquiri, I was once told, is the balance of its few ingredients: simple syrup, lime, and rum. In correct proportions, you’ll have the perfect drink; but just a bit off and your cocktail could become a mess of acid or sugar.”

Scorpio: Long Island Iced Tea

“When provoked, Scorpios can become especially aggressive, just like a classic Long Island Iced Tea, a drink that packs over a walloping two shots of five different types of booze in relation to just an ounce of soda and an ounce of sour mix. Proceed with caution.”

Sagittarius: Pisco Sour

“A sign keen on traveling, freedom, and discovering new things may want to reach for a Pisco Sour, a less common drink here in the US, though the nation pride of Peru. Made from a blend of egg whites, pisco, lime, sugar, and bitters, the drink is light and airy, and the perfect tipple of the more adventurous.”

Capricorn: Martini

“Martini is made for goal-oriented Capricorns. Martinis are tough to love, but still are one of the world’s greatest cocktails.  Once you find out its elegance, just cant leave it. Similar as with Capricorns, as soon as you get close to them they are great payoffs.”

Aquarius: Rum and Coke

“E=Rum and Coke perfect combination for the generous and beloved Aquarius. This is the most affordable and the most pleasing drink, just mix the best taste of rum with the cola. ”

Pisces: Milk Punch

“Milk Punch:this drink does not include just plain milk. With his intoxicant name, confuses us to think we drink something with milk but we will receive an easy-drinking booze. This drink is ideal for Pisces, it’s a secretive and mysterious drink, same as the sign who tends to be mysterious daydreamer.


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