Ronaldinho is in talks with South American clubs about a return to the pitch

Ronaldinho hasn’t played soccer in a while and he’s 36 years old, but he isn’t ready to call it a career just yet.

Doubling down on comments the Brazilian star has made over the past few months, his agent (and brother) said Ronaldinho is now looking at a return to South America to compete in Copa Libertadores.

“The project is to play in 2017,” Roberto de Assis reportedly told Ovacion Digital in Uruguay. “After a quiet year in which we had the opportunity to fly around the world, travel, see other countries we did not know, to be with people, to feel their affection, that’s the idea.

“The 2017 project is to play again and see how things happen. We think he will play in a team that is in the Libertadores.”

Ronaldinho has been teasing a return to the pitch for a while now. In September, he told reporters that clubs in the United States were interested in signing him and he was considering it. He said he wanted one last go-round before retiring, and as he put it then: “The idea is to play one more.”

It remains to be seen which clubs will be interested, though. Assis said he had made contact with Nacional in Uruguay as well as Brazilian side Coritiba, but there’s no official offer on the table.

Ronaldinho last played in 2015 for Fluminense in Brazil and it was a stint that didn’t go very well. The club terminated his contract after they deemed him unable to perform as they expected when they signed him. Prior to that, he played for Queretaro where lack of fitness delayed his start, but he went on to make 25 appearances en route to the Liga MX playoffs.

He has enjoyed an impressive career with Paris Saint-Germain and Milan, and his time with Barcelona was legendary. During his time at Barcelona, he made almost 150 appearances for the club and won the Ballon d’Or there in 2005.


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