Sorry, but If You Relate to These 15 Things, You’re Officially Old

Image Source: Yik Yak

It’s pretty hard to escape any form of nostalgia these days, but it holds even more significance when you think about it terms of specific facts. For some people on Yik Yak, a now-defunct social sharing app, feeling old meant realizing that Lizzie McGuire now has a kid or remembering your CD player struggles. Keep reading to see how much life has changed since you were a kid and then get updated on the proper tech etiquette these days.

Realizing Nemo was found a long time ago.
Seeing Lizzie McGuire in a whole new light.
Wishing you could reread Harry Potter for the first time all over again.
Wondering where your youth has gone.
Thinking about how annoying it was when your CD player skipped.
Gasping at the very thought that Will Smith is no longer a young, fresh prince.
Making a bucket list of everything you want to do before 2030.
Singing your heart out to songs on the radio and wondering if you look old.
Knowing how much it took you to convince your parents to get you a cell phone . . . at age 15.
Feeling inappropriate when you see really young people at bars.
Waking up and wishing the original Saturday morning cartoons were still on.
Watching reruns of TV shows and still hoping you get to live a life like theirs.
Thinking about how much you loved rewinding tapes . . . until they got tangled.
Knowing when you make old jokes, they have a little bit of truth to them.
Wishing your mom could still schedule all your appointments and hold your hand.

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