Steep a Fresh, Fuss-Free Cup of Ginger Tea

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Almost 6 months I’ve been convincing myself to prepare ginger tea. It only takes sliced ginger roots and a hot water and not much  effort 🙂 I was advised to use fresh ginger instead of the dried version.

I tried one by leaving the whole root in the water and one by peeling off some of the ginger skin with a spoon. The second method left me some pieces in the tea but still was delicious.

I was wondering when is the suitable time to drink ginger tea and my friend told me: ” Any time is good for ginger !”

If you have cold, stomachache, migraines or fatigue, the ginger tea will help you to relief the pain. Ginger tea has the power as one strong cup of coffee and can soothes like a lavender salt bath.

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One tip that I would like to share in terms of where to buy  fresh ginger is to try to avoid the big Supermarkets and try the healthy food stores which sale healthy food and the ginger has lower price.

Do you wanna try to make yourself a ginger tea? Lets try the following recipe

Fresh Ginger Tea


All you need is: a fresh piece of ginger, which can be thinly sliced and a boiling water


  • Use an infuser to place the sliced ginger, then put it in a mug and cover it with a hot water. Cover it to steep for five minutes. Uncover, remove the infuser and serve it in a nice glass of tea.


If you’re looking for a spicier ginger tea, then steep the ginger in the tea for longer or try grating the ginger rather than slicing it. If you do not own a tea infuser, then strain the tea through a fine mesh sieve to catch the ginger pieces.

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