Steph Curry agrees to richest deal in basketball history

STEPH Curry will become the first player in Basketball to sign a $200 million contract to make him the highest paid player in the game.

After four years of being the most underpaid star in the NBA, Curry is about to cash-in in a very big way.

According to a report from ESPN, Curry has agreed to sign a five-year deal worth $201 million in a supermax deal which sees him become the first player to shatter the $200m mark.

The $200 million “supermax” deal is expected to become normalised in the league in future seasons after the recent Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiated between players and the league gave teams the ability to offer the monstrously rich deals to long-serving players.

Curry’s deal is almost five times more than his most recent contract with the Warriors.

The 29-year-oldis coming off a four-year deal worth $44 million which he signed at a time when his future was uncertain because of niggling ankle injuries.

Having since become the league MVP, there is no player in the NBA more deserving of the supermax deal.

The rich deals kept rolling in during the start of the NBA free-agency scramble.

Australia’s Joe Ingles, Aron Baynes and Andrew Bogut are likely just hours away from signing new NBA contracts exceeding a combined $US100 million ($A130 million).

A year after fellow Boomers teammate Matthew Dellavedova cashed in with a four- year $US38.4 million ($A49.9 million) deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, Mills, Ingles, Baynes and Bogut will test the free agent market.

Boomers star Patty Mills has already reportedly agreed to a new deal to sty at the San Antonio Spurs.

NBA teams can begin discussions with free agents’ representatives from 2.01pm Saturday AEST.

The Australians have plenty to offer title-contending teams desperate to compete with Golden State Warriors who a year ago ditched Bogut to add Kevin Durant and ran away with the championship.

“It’s a weapons race in the NBA and you’re either in the weapons race or on the sidelines,” Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said after adding All- Star point guard Chris Paul in a trade with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Mills was expected to being tempted with a major pay rise from rival teams in the range of a four-year $US65 million ($A84.5 million) deal, a substantial bump from his previous three-year, $US13 million ($A16.9 million) with San Antonio Spurs.

“I don’t want to talk too much about Patty Mills because the more good things I say the more we have to pay him,” Spurs coach Greeg Popovich said during the playoffs.

“He has been fantastic.

Times are not tough for Steph Curry.

“He is going to have 94 teams after him.”

Utah Jazz had Ingles on a two-year, $US4.3 million ($A5.6 million) contract but the 29-year-old is expected to attract a three or four-year deal worth around $US10 million ($A13 million) a year.

Baynes opted out of the last year of his three-year $US20 million ($A26 million) deal with the Detroit Pistons to test his worth and is expected to earn around $US12 million ($A15.6 million) a season.

Bogut could prove to be the most interesting outcome of the Australians with the 32-year-old hoping to erase last season where he did not fit in with Dallas Mavericks, was shipped to Philadelphia 76ers and immediately sent to Cleveland Cavaliers where he played just 58 seconds before breaking his leg. The No.1 draft pick in 2005, Bogut has earned more than $US115 million ($A150 million) since entering the NBA and picked up a championship ring with the Warriors two years ago, so can be picky with his choice.

The chance of another title, rather than money, might be his priority. Teams could be spooked by his injury history but Bogut and his agent have spread the word his rehab has been smooth, will soon cleared for full basketball activities and have distributed copies of bone scans and medical clearances to suitors


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