Stephen Curry blames missing a wide-open dunk on his Thanksgiving dinner

We’ve all been there, Steph.


By now, you’ve probably seen the highlight — or low light, as it were. In the second quarter of the Golden State Warriors’ Friday night win over the Los Angeles Lakers, Stephen Curry sprinted into the open court for a wide-open dunk … and missed.

Curry got an earful on social media for the blooper, including from his sister, but in the end, the Warriors point guard had the last laugh.

Early Saturday morning, Curry revealed the true culprit behind his ridiculous miss: Thanksgiving.

Maybe next time Curry will just pull up and rip a backbreaking 3-pointer in transition rather than try to emulate, say, Minnesota’s Zach LaVine.

All’s well that ends well, though. The Warriors cruised to a double-digit win,Draymond Green ended up being okay despite a scary ankle injury, and Golden State moved into first place in the NBA.


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