The 50 Best Parenting Hacks You Need to Learn

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It’s been a while since we first started researching parenting hacks, and we simply can’t get enough. From the tiny little “Why didn’t I think of that!?” moments to serious game-changers (hello, marshmallows as sore-throat medicine!), we’ve gathered 50 of the most useful discoveries. From organizing the family minivan to making the holidays less stressful, these 50 tips are guaranteed to make life just a little bit easier — something that we could all use!

Corral Your Kids in a Kiddie Pool (Indoors!)
Use Shower Curtain Hooks as Bag Hangers
Milk Out a Canker Sore
Use a Lazy Susan in the Fridge
Use Baby Food Jars For Spice Storage
Suck Down the Medicine
Freeze Out Teething Pain
For Safety's Sake, Snap a Family Photo
Save Your Car's Cup Holders
Use a Drying Rack to Keep Coloring Books Organized
Roll Your Clothes When You Pack a Bag
No Tape? No Problem.
Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey in a Crockpot
Soothe Their Sunburn
Sweeten a Sore Throat
Make Your Kids' Coughs Disappear
Ease an Earache
Microwave Two Bowls at Once
Keep Your Beautiful Mess to a Minimum
Keep Activities Easily Accessible on a Road Trip
Keep Your Travel Toiletries From Destroying Your Clothes
Make Sure Your Big Bows Keep Their Shape
Suck Away Teething Aches
The Safest Way to Clean Up Broken Glass Mishaps
Toss Dryer Sheets in Your Suitcase
Use an Ice Cube Tray For Jewelry Organization
Organize Wrapping Paper
Use a Command Hook as a Bib Hanger
Track Your Kids' Medicine Doses
Create a Spill-Free Sipper
Painlessly Pull Out a Splinter
Fix Squeaky Floors With Baby Powder


Turn an Old iPhone Into an iPod Touch For Your Kids


Wash(cloth) Away Tooth Pains


Rub Away a Headache


DIY Outlet Cover


Cool Down a Burn


Use a Shoe Organizer as a Stash For Car "Stuff"


Prep Your Kids' Strawberries


Store Christmas Ornaments in Egg Crates


Before Heading to the Beach, Seal Your Cell Phone in a Ziploc Bag


Wrap Earbuds Around Old Gift or Credit Cards


Turn a Plastic Cereal Container Into a Car Trash Bin


Make Kids' Slippers Slip-Proof


Keep Art Supplies Under Control When You're On the Go


Use a Curtain Rod For Easy Ribbon Access


Put Shoes in Shower Caps When You're Packing a Bag


Use a Pegboard For Bathroom Storage


Keep Bugs Out of Juice


Easy Peel Mandarin Oranges



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