Watch LeBron James’ son easily drill a half-court shot like he’s Steph Curry

Next challenge: a full-court shot like his dad.

We already have plenty of evidence that LeBron James’ oldest son, LeBron Jr.— aka “Bronny” — is a star basketball player in his own right. Most of those highlights, though, show off Bronny’s handle and his ridiculous court vision, with just an occasional glimpse at his touch from downtown.

On Friday night, after the Cleveland Cavaliers crushed the Miami Heat 114-84, Bronny decided it was time to pull off his best Stephen Curry impression and bust out his long-range shooting prowess. So the 12-year-old took to the court at the Q, gave the ball a quick spin on his finger, then stepped right into a half-court heave that was good from the moment it left his hand:

That’s a rather impressive shot from LeBron the Younger, who’s actually more a fan of Russell Westbrook than anyone. You know, for what that’s worth.

Of course, he still has a long way to go to match his dad’s ability to sink full-court shots with utter nonchalance.

Keep working, Bronny. You’ll get there someday.



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