Wayne Simmonds goes completely shirtless in fight against Kevin Bieksa



Usually when you hear of a player getting “undressed” in hockey, it’s in reference to a defender getting completely roasted by an offensive player’s stick handling. Not in Sunday night’s Ducks-Flyers game, though. Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds literally got undressed during a fight.

Simmonds dropped the gloves with Anaheim’s Kevin Bieksa just a minute and a half into Sunday night’s contest in Anaheim. Not only did Bieksa get the better of Simmonds during the tilt, the Flyers forward also had a number of layers pulled off him in the process. The jersey, shoulder pads and undershirt were all yanked off Simmonds’ body during the short scrap. The worst part of it all? Nobody even threw any $1 bills his way.

The silver lining here is that Simmonds could have been ejected for not tying his gear down properly. That would have been a major blow for the Flyers so early in the game. Fortunately, the officials decided to laugh off the absurdity of the situation and just give Simmonds five minutes for fighting.

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