Why Matthew Dellavedova wants a movie made about him

MATTHEW Dellavedova’s story is enough to inspire any up-and-coming basketballer — even more so if they’re Australian.

The 26-year-old’s rise from a kid growing up in regional Victoria to a multi-million dollar overseas athlete is comparable to any of the great underdog stories seen in recent times.

Dellevadova stole Australia’s hearts throughout the Boomers’ thrilling campaign at the Rio Olympics which saw them take it to USA’s “dream team” in a nailbiting loss in the group stage.

A picture of him crying his eyes out as Australia missed their chance at a bronze medal after a heartbreaking loss to Spain will forever go down as one of the most iconic images from Australia’s Rio campaign.

The undeniable marketability of a passionate young Aussie taking on the world was enough to make any Hollywood producer drool — and now a feature length movie detailing the rise of the boy from Maryborough is on its way.

At first, Dellavedova wasn’t too keen on the idea, but he soon changed his mind.

“My manager Bruce came to me initially with the idea and told me that he’d been approached by somebody about making the movie and originally I wasn’t too keen on the idea,” Dellavedova wrote in a column for SportingNews.com.

“But after talking to him and the producers Zac and Jason a little bit about what they were trying to do and where they could see it going it got me excited. For the kids in my hometown Maryborough, I think it will be hopefully pretty cool for them to.”

“Having the idea that it could inspire other kids or other people to aim big and chase their dreams, that appealed to me and that’s why I decided to go ahead with it.”

Basketball fans around the world are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see who will fill the role of Dellavedova in his biopic, and it appears the man himself doesn’t have a clue either.

“I’ve got no idea who’s going to play me, that’s something for the producers to decide. We’ll have to see if anyone wants to take the role,” he said.

“My teammates in Milwaukee have been having a bit of fun with it in the locker room to, just having a bit of a laugh, but they’ve been good about it. Everyone’s been interested in how it came about and when it’s going to happen — I’m sure these guys will do an awesome job.”

Dellavedova is currently in his first season of a whopping four-year $38.4 million (A$51.2 million) contract with the Milwaukee Bucks after moving on from three years with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Source: www.news.com.au


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