Will Novak Djokovic be the new testimonial of Nike?

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Nike has been the dominant company in the World of Sports and especially in tennis for more than a decade. From the beginning of their career both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have been testimonials of the American company, and who knows if another legend like Novak Djokovicdoesn’t join them.

 It’s not the first time that Djokovic and Nike try to reach an agreement: already five years ago, when Novak’s contract with Sergio Tacchini was expiring, the Oregon company had tried to approach Nole who then chose Uniqlo that pays him six millions dollars per year.

However the contract with Uniqlo is about to end: Novak will represent the Japanese company until Next Summer, then it’s very likely that he will change apparel’ sponsor. So Nike remains on the window for an historic partnership.

Source: www.tennisworldusa.org

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