World’s oldest gymnast still impresses at 91 years of age

Gymnastics may be known as a sport for women in their teens, but Johanna Quaas is still going impressively strong in the sport at the ripe young age of 91.

Check out this routine the nonagenarian performed recently in Berlin:

Quaas, who was born in Germany on Nov. 20, 1925, was introduced to gymnastics as a little girl. The former physical education teacher now competes in her country’s amateur Landes-Seniorenspiele competition.

She made it into the Guinness book of world records as the world’s oldest gymnast at the tender young age of 87.

Perhaps just as amazing is how those glasses stay on her face during the tumbling runs.

Congratulations, Johanna Quaas. You are sticking the landing at life.

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